New City Budget Allocates Millions to Capital Improvement
B ellflower\’s Summer Streetfest returns for the sixth consecutive year in July. The concert series runs every Thursday night, beginning on July 12th and concluding

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City of Shoreview, Minnesota – Capital Improvement Planning
The operating budget plans for the cost of delivering City services resources available for capital allocates The City’s capital improvement planning documents

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Six-Year Capital Improvement Plan
The City of San Antonio’s FY 2011-2016 Six-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP ($ In Millions) Proposition The Capital Budget allocates funding for a New Roadway

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New Forensic Medical Center (Baltimore City)
… Budget, 2009 1 New Forensic Medical Center (Baltimore City) GO Improvement Program Authorization Uses ($ in Millions) capital budget allocates $2.8 million to equip the new

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… millions 2007 budget reflects the anticipated achievement of Council\’s vision and goals for the City. It allocates the Capital Improvement Projects The City has two new

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… budget. Senior College Funding by Source (millions) Budget also allocates $ new funding; however, the City Budget continues to include the multi-year capital improvement

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Budget – Analysis
… by the Governor in the capital budget. In May, BPW allocates any School Construction Program New Fiscal 2005-2016 ($ in Millions) Source: Capital Improvement Programs

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Fiscal 2009 Executive Budget Hearings
… Commitment Targets (in millions) Agency Target (City The third tier allocates$3.2 billion for new expansion Fiscal 2009Executive Capital Budget MTA/NYC Transit 7 New

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Proposed Fiscal Year 2012 Measure R Budget
… Measure R – 35% New Rail and Bus Rapid Transit Capital 3% Metrolink Capital Improvement Projects FY12 Proposed Budget by Project ($ amounts in millions) Project

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Corporate Fund
… The FY 2012 budget allocates $20.3 million will be included in the City budget. The new Fund or under the Capital Improvement Budget.

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