podcast lectures (audio only OR audio and video) o review
? flashcards ? review PowerPoint presentations ? reference (dictionary and thesaurus available for purchase) ? create and take quizzes with iQuiz


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Recording lectures for podcasting supports Americans with
Lecture capture The O*耀昀?ce of Student Audio and video podcasts Video Podcasts ? capture video of than video ? faster downloading ? class lectures using Podcast


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University of Memphis Loewenberg School of Nursing
… the best media format in which to review lectures by new technology that involves making audio and video are downloaded to a computer, and 2) a podcast of the lectures


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Getting Started with Instructional Podcasting
The term podcast is a combination of the words "ipod" and "broadcast". An ipod is a media player that can store and play audio and video or review past lectures


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Five Things You Should Know About Podcasting
It is now available as both audio and video podcasts to students could subscribe to a class podcast in order to review lectures or W ANT TO C REATE Y OUR O WN P ODCAST ?


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Why add this enhancement to your teaching?
The term podcast may refer to the PM IN 524/PM IN 524Module 2. swf o MP3 Audio Only The study outlines and lectures, in whatever format you chose to review them, will


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O VERVIEW SnapKast was originally 908.464.8874 Academic *In-class lectures Create Your Audio and Video Files Play : Review and Share Your Session Podcast : Create Your RSS


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Chem 100: Chemical Science
Topics: Algebra review & Measurements Diego’s "Basic Chemistry" audio lectures: http://podcast blog.wku. edu/podcasts/index.php o Streaming audio and video lectures


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Online Learning Lab: Summary of Activities
… in the Online Learning Lab (OLL) provided audio and video in existing and new software/equipment (i.e. Podcast Learning Lab held a weekly staff meeting to review


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Research Brief
… and dissemination of digital audio and video and move beyond iTunes U," a nationwide service that makes lectures and they may not have understood the first time or review


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